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Who We Are


MVC Technologies is a Canadian IT solutions company, with focus on innovative software development for the Healthcare Industry. From conception to deployment, our solutions are designed to maximize productivity,
improve clinical workflow and offer better patient care and management.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the Medical and Technology Industry, we are able to offer
the highest level of security, control and accountability over the activity within the health care system
through new revolutionary technology.

From the beginning, we have innovated at the intersection of health care and information technology. Our mission remains to contribute to the improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.

Key Elements Driving Our Platforms

Efficient Patient Care Management

Ability for Physicians to customize their schedule, create auditable notes, view patient history and track order activity to provide improved quality care to patients.

Enhanced Preparation Procedures

Our platforms provide Physicians with the ability to receive their patient’s health history and additional diagnostic test results.

Better Access to Care

Our platforms offer patients flexibility and convenience with the option of scheduling and in-clinc or online visit with their health care provider.


Secure Electronic Medical Document Transmission & Verification

Secure access and electronic verification of medical documents to service  patients in a timely manner.

Advanced Reporting Tools & Auditing Measures

Customizable reporting tools can be programmed to have real-time access to information.

Improved Follow-Up Care

We provide improved monitoring tools and follow-up procedures to ensure patient satisfaction.

Our Solutions

Introducing Sail Cannabis

Sail Cannabis plays a leadership role bringing medical cannabis as an alternative therapy into mainstream health and wellness. From conception to deployment, our solutions are designed to maximize productivity, improve clinical workflow and offer better patient care. We are data driven, evidence based, and research focused.